Hair Color - Services



Brow Tint - Services

Brow Tint - $15

Brow tinting is a safe way to add a subtle tint to your brow color. You can match your brows to a new or existing hair color easily.



Halo Highlight - Services

Halo Highlight - $50 & up

5- 10 foils to give a unique accent of color to your hair. Or to break up roots between highlighting services. Halo is a popular color technique used at our Round Rock hair salon that creates a two-toned color effect. Celebrities who have taken advantage of this color technique include Christine Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. Halo highlights can be used to add a splash of color to the underneath layers of the hair--the color chosen can be subtle or vibrant depending upon your style.



Partial Highlight - Services

Partial Highlight - $80 & up

Partial highlights can be added to specific sections of your hair to provide a beautiful accent to your natural color. Partial highlights from our Round Rock hair salon are perfect for adding interest and definition exactly where you want it. Choose face framing highlights to set off your facial features or highlights only in certain areas of your hair to add emphasis. Prices vary depending on length and density.


Peek A Boo - $45

Vibrant color to a strip of hair


Root Touch Up - Services

Root Touch Up - $70 & up

Root touch up come with finger dry. Styling is extra. A quick root touch-up from our Round Rock hair salon will keep your hair color looking its best! Prices vary depending on length and density.



Full Highlight - Services

Full Highlight - $95 & up

Professional salon highlights will add interest and volume to your style.

Full highlights from our Round Rock hair salon are an excellent way to add volume and texture to your hair. Highlights can be added to coordinate with your natural hair color for a subtle look or for something more striking and contrasting. Prices vary depending on length and density.



All Over Color - Services

All Over Color - $85 & up

Beautiful new color in one step, roots to end. Comes with finger dry. Styling extra

One step color from our Round Rock hair salon is perfect for covering gray or just updating your look.  We can help you choose the perfect shade and hue to compliment your skin tone and style. Prices vary depending on length and density. 



Staining/Glossing - Services

Staining/Glossing - $0 & up

A subtle wash of color goes over your hair to prolong your existing hair color or makes your current color brighter. Hair will look shiny and bright. Prices vary depending on length and density.



Two Step Color - Services

Two Step Color - $175 & up

Two steps and you have beautiful, multi-faceted colour.

Color can transform your image---whether you color gray or just add a vibrant hue to your natural hair color to kick it up a notch.  We can choose a customized hue that will be perfect for your style. 

Prices vary depending on length and density.