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Beauty Tips



Your hair is one of first things that people will notice about you, and with a small investment of time and the proper care each day, your hair will stay healthy and beautiful year round. Our Round Rock hair salon offers the following professional tips for keeping your hair looking amazing between hair salon visits.

Blow dryers are amazing time-savers, and they can also be great styling tools when used correctly. Here are a few tips from our Round Rock hair salon for great style and healthy hair using your blow dryer. *ALWAYS detangle your hair first. For curly hair types, fingers are great for detangling and are many times a better alternative than a brush. For other hair types, use a good quality natural bristle brush such as a boar's hair brush. *If you plan to use styling products, gels, mousse, smoothing serums or heat protectant sprays, these should be used before blow drying so that the hair cuticle can adequately absorb the product. *Choose a low temperature warm setting or a cool setting on your dryer, and blow dry hair from the top down. Directly the stream of air in a downward direction will help create a smoother style. Also avoid using the dryer at full speed. Large blasts of air at high temperatures can end up damaging your hair, leaving it dry and void of its beautiful natural shine. This can also result in frizzy hair. For best results, use a medium speed at low temperature and hold the dryer at least 6 inches from your head gently moving it to avoid drying one section for too long. Some types of hair will dry faster than other. Wavy hair dries quickly, while curly hair dries the fastest of all. Straight hair, especially when medium to thick, will dry the slowest. *Whenever possible, allow your hair to air dry. Air drying your hair on a regular basis is one of the best ways to ensure that it will stay healthy, shiny, and free from heat damage. Even allowing it to partially air dry before blow drying is a good option.

TIPS TO CREATE A BLOWOUT STYLE AT HOME * First shampoo your hair and then towel-dry. Apply styling product to the roots to create texture and hold. * Next, section the hair and blow-dry using a round brush. Brush away from the roots to create volume. * Make a part down the center of your hair and brush hair to create bounce and fullness. If you want fuller, longer-lasting waves, use large rollers to set your hair. Separate your hair into top, middle and bottom sections and then roll your hair in the direction that you want the waves to be (either up or under) * Remove rollers. Spray hairspray on a paddle hairbrush and then gently use the brush to comb hair away from the center part to create bouncy waves. (Remember never to directly spray hairspray on the hair for this look)

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