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Hair extensions can add instant length, volume, beauty, and style to your hair! You can match your natural hair color or choose a contrasting color to add interest, highlights, or a bit of drama!

Follow our professional tips for keeping your extensions looking amazing! professional tips for keeping your hair looking amazing between hair salon visits.

If you need to add instant length and volume to your hair, then hair extensions from Marilyn G’s Round Rock hair salon can give you instant glamour with beautiful, natural extensions. In just one appointment your hair can become thicker and longer! Different lengths, colors, and textures of hair extensions are available so that you can achieve a wide range of effects. It is easier than ever to have those long glamorous tresses that are ever popular among super models and celebrities.

Caring for hair extensions is very important as well. If you follow the tips below from our Round Rock salon, your extensions should stay silky, healthy and beautiful in the weeks following your appointment.


• If possible, shampoo hair extensions every other day instead of shampooing daily.

• Before showering, gently and carefully remove tangles using a wide tooth comb. Hold your hair in one hand, and begin combing at the ends first. Gently work your way up the length of your hair while brushing or combing in a downward motion.

• Use a mild, gentle shampoo for washing your hair. Avoid using vigorous rubbing or scrubbing motions. When conditioning, avoid the scalp area and just condition the hair rather than the scalp. When rinsing, be sure that all the shampoo and conditioner residues are washed out.

• Hair extensions need extra moisture since they are not receiving nutrients from the scalp like your live hair. A daily leave in conditioner is a great way to add extra moisture. You can apply the leave in conditioner can be applied after shampooing, paying special attention to the ends.


• Use a soft towel or T-shirt type material to gently towel dry your extensions after showering. Avoid scrubbing, twisting or squeezing your hair in the towel.

• If possible, let your hair extensions air dry instead of using a blow dryer. If you need to use a blow dryer, then choose the coolest setting possible. Hold the dryer so that the stream of air is directed in a downward pattern from the top of your head. This will keep the extensions from tangling as you blow dry them.


• If you use hair spray or other styling products, try to avoid those containing alcohol. (Alcohol can be very drying to the hair.) Limit styling products such as hair sprays, mousse and gel if possible as they can make the hair dry and can cause tangling. Styling products can also create build up on the hair and it is recommended that a deep cleansing or chelating shampoo be used once or twice a month to remove build-up and residue.

• Heat styling, when used to often, can cause extensions to become dry and damaged. Limit the use of blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons as well as heat rollers. If you want to curl your hair, try steam rollers instead of curling irons. Choose ionic ceramic heat styling tools which will be less damaging than other metals, and always use the lowest setting possible that will give you the effect that you want.


• At night when you turn in to bed, take a few extra steps to make sure that your extensions do not become tangled when you turn in your sleep. Depending upon your preference, you can loosely braid your extensions or you can pull your hair into a soft scrunchie so that it will stay tangle free until morning. You can also wrap your hair with a satin scarf or use a satin sleep cap or a satin pillow case to prevent friction. You should avoid going to bed with damp or wet hair.

Visit our Round Rock hair salon to receive high quality hair extensions that will not break your budget! Marilyn G will be happy to share more tips for care when you visit!

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