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A flat iron can be a fabulous tool for straightening waves and curls for super straight styles, and it can also be used to create flipped out ends or curls similar to those you can achieve with a curling iron. If used incorrectly however, flat irons can be damaging to your hair. Here are a few tips to ensure that you get a beautiful style every time:

* Before you use a heat styling tool such as a flat iron, make sure that you condition your hair with a good moisturizer or use a thermal protective spray on your hair. Thermal protective sprays and products are best to use on your hair while it is still damp. * Always make sure that your hair is completely dry before using a flat iron. Using a flat iron on wet or damp hair can damage the hair. It will also not be as effective in creating the style that you want. Damp hair can also create frizz when a flat iron is used on it. *Choose a heat setting that is appropriate for your hair type. For hair that is damaged, dry, fine, or that has been chemically process in some way (color treated, permed, etc.) use a lower temperature. If your hair is coarse or thick, a higher temperature setting between 350 and 400 degrees will work best for straightening and styling.

*Separate your hair into sections. Tie back the sections that you are not working on or use clips to keep them out of the way. Think small when using a flat iron. You will be able to make your hair straighter more quickly if you run the flat iron over small sections instead of large, thick sections. Use even pressure and don't allow the flat iron to stay in one spot for a long time as you slide it down the length of your hair. WHICH FLAT IRONS ARE BEST? When purchasing a flat iron, choose a ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium flat iron. A ceramic flat iron will produce negative ions which are more gentle to your hair. Tourmaline and titanium flat irons have even more ionic power and will increase the amount of shine added to your hair as well as sealing in moisture and conditioning.

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