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Beauty Tips



Which type of brush should I use for my hair? Choose a brush whose bristles are soft and flexible because this will cause less damage to your hair. Brushes with widely spaced bristles and teeth are best. Choose those that have bristles with smooth tips on the end to avoid damage to your hair and scalp. Depending on your style, there are different brushes that can help you achieve the hair style you want.

Radial hair brush A radial hairbrush has bristles around the entire head of the brush so it looks like a roller. If you want big beautiful curls, then a radial brush and a good blow dryer can create this look. Radial brushes come in different sizes and the larger the brush the bigger the curl you can achieve when blow-drying. Go for a ceramic radial brush which will hold the heat away from the blow-dryer as you are styling and help prevent heat damage to your hair as well as static. Radial brushes have vent holes in the barrel that allow heat from the blow-dryer to circulate at the roots of the hair and create more volume.

Half radial hair brush If you like wearing your hair flipped out or flipped under, our hair salon recommends a half radial hair brush. A half radial brush has curved bristles on one side while being flat on the back. This type brush is perfect for someone with thick hair looking for a nice wave without too much volume. For maximum volume you need a radial hair brush. Paddle hair brush A paddle brush is usually quite large, flat, and wide (resembling a padddle and thus the name). It is usually made of plastic and has bristles that stem from a cushioned base which give a nice scalp massage while stimulating the roots of your hair. A paddle brush is great for smoothing and detangling hair and boosting its shine and sleekness. Paddle brushes are perfect for all different hair types and textures. Ion bristles are a great innovation in paddle brushes. Ions can reduce static and help close the hair cuticle.

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