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Beauty Tips



Our Round Rock hair salon specializes in many different types of hair including biracial hair. Biracial hair is different from all other types, and has different needs. We have tips for keeping it beautiful and healthy.

Biracial hair is very complex. It can have many beautiful variations and different textures including wavy, curly, frizzy, kinky, fine or coarse. This variation in texture is one of the elements which makes biracial hair beautiful, but this can also present a challenge when trying to care for it. Our Round Rock hair salon offers the following tips for our clients who have biracial hair: USE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS Biracial hair can often tend to be on the dry side. Keeping it moisturized is the key. Use a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate free shampoos will be more gentle on biracial hair than shampoos that contain harsh lathering agents. Also avoid any styling products that might be drying to your hair. These include products with a high alcohol content such as hair sprays, mousse products, and gels. Always check the ingredients first. Pomades and gels that contain aloe, shea butter or olive oil are great.

SHAMPOO LESS OFTEN If you have biracial hair, generally shampooing it once a week or once every few days is sufficient. Biracial hair does not need to be washed every day. Washing biracial hair every day can cause the hair to become dull and dry, especially if the shampoo being used contains harsh cleansing agents. Concentrate on gently washing the scalp only. Do not pile hair on top of the head or use scrubbing motions. Just gently shampoo the scalp area. Always follow with a moisturizing conditioner to hydrate the hair cuticle.

MOISTURIZE Keep your hair hydrated by using good quality moisturizing products that contain natural ingredients. Moisturize your hair as often as possible. Dry hair will not have elasticity and therefore will break more easily than hair that is hydrated. Be generous with the number of times you moisturize. USE OIL Biracial hair can often benefit from an occasionally application of oil to the hair. Use only natural oils, such as those that are derived from plants. Do not use mineral oil or petroleum type products. Using natural plant based oils will nourish the hair and scalp and keep the hair soft while sealing in moisture. You may have to experiment with different oils depending upon your hair texture to determine which oil is right for your hair type. Some biracial hair types will need no oil at all while others will look amazing with just a small amount added to the hair and scalp. Some different oils to try include Shea Butter Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, and Castor Oil. All of these oils are natural plant based oils that help to moisturize dry hair cuticles.

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