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Beauty Tips



Your hair is one of first things that people will notice about you, and with a small investment of time and the proper care each day, your hair will stay healthy and beautiful year round. Our Round Rock hair salon offers the following professional tips for keeping your hair looking amazing between hair salon visits.

• When blow drying your hair, hold the dryer above your head and point the nozzle and airstream downward. This will keep your hair from tangling and will also give you a smoother style. • Use the coolest setting possible. High heat from the blow dryer can damage your hair cuticle contribute to frizz, but using cool air will have the opposite effect. Cool air will seal the cuticle making your hair shiny and less frizzy. STYLING TIPS • Invest in good quality heat styling tools. The best products will be those that are crafted from ceramic or tourmaline. Ceramic irons allow heat to be evenly dispersed through your hair as you style it, while tourmaline irons help to control frizz by using negative ionic charges that seal the cuticle of the hair. • Purchase irons and styling tools that have an adjustable heat setting as well. In most cases, unless your hair is super thick and very coarse, you can use a very low temperature of about 200 degrees to effectively straighten or curl your hair. When using a flat iron, keep the iron

moving steadily down the length of your hair so that the heat does not become concentrated in one section for too long. This will help prevent damage and breakage. • Always remember to use a good heat protectant product on your hair before styling. This will help to protect the cuticle of your hair from any heat damage as you use a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron. We can recommend several different great heat protectant products when you visit our hair salon in Round Rock. • Choose good quality styling products that have a low alcohol content, as alcohol can be very drying to your hair. If you use multiple styling products, then use a clarifying or chelating shampoo once a month to remove product build-up. DEEP CONDITION • If you notice your hair is lifeless or lacks shine it could be a sign of a protein deficiency or a breakdown of cells deep inside the hair structure. A deep conditioning treatment from our Round Rock hair salon is a great way to add moisture, shine, manageability and strength back to your hair. • If your hair tends to lean toward the dry side, you can use a daily leave in conditioner. A leave in conditioner is a lightweight product that will add additional moisture and protection to your hair • If your hair is super fine or thin, only use a conditioner on the mid shaft and the ends of your hair. Avoid the roots. This will keep your hair from becoming weighed down with product.

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